Sunday, January 9, 2011

Plans and Ethics

This is my first post here and my second stab at blogging.  I am still not sure what sorts of things that will go here so bear with me.  Some guidelines that I will try to stick to are below:

Journalistic-like Ethics

  • Posts will not be deleted.  I said it, I cant unsay it.
  • Comments will left to stand, unless they are obviously unrelated sales pitches.  I reserve the right to eventually approve comments, but lets hope not.
  • Minor changes and typos will be made without notification.  If you see a typo just email me or leave a comment.
  • Major changes, corrections and omissions will be made in a separate post and both posts will be linked.
  • Assertions and generalizations about individuals will be made very carefully and with thoughts of consequences.  If I say something less than positive about a model, result, or datum it is not personal.
  • All posts regarding published materials will be tagged with a symbol and DOI resolvable links (preferably) or PubMed links to source materials.  Summaries of research blogging materials can be found here
  • Unpublished and/or confidential materials, thoughts or ideas will be not used unless permission is obtained from the scientists involved.
  • Disclosures will be made if I have collaborated with or obtained reagents with a group in the past. Also if I am worried that I am allowing my personal feelings affect my interpretation.

Web Community Ethics

  • I will link to all material that leads to a post, and will amend posts with relevant discussions.  Even if I am linking to someone just to say I am agree.  If I don't, its an accidental omission and please let me know.
  • I will quote portions of, but rarely all of other posts, but will provide links to the full post.
  • If you email me directly, and I forget to respond, please keep at me.  Chances are I have forgotten to get back to you.  Any information provided in confidence will remain in confidence unless explicit permission is obtained.
  • If I promised to do something and didn't, I absolutely forgot.  My bad, just remind me.
  • Until I find a voice on this thing, I am totally open to ideas.  Drop me a comment or an email.

General Rules

  • I will not discuss politics, and will discourage others from talking about it.  There is no doubt that there is an intersection between science (and especially science funding) and politics, but there are thousands of other people who would rather talk about that.
  • I will try to keep discussion of personal lives and trials and tribulations of my current career to a minimum.
  • I will try to keep a positive tone wherever possible.  Its too easy to be negative and critical all the time.

These are based on the code of conduct of the fantastic mgoblog.  Any further suggestions are welcome.

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